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English reviews

Awesome Marble Puzzle Game-Woozzle by Crazy Mike's Apps
"Great graphics, awesome sound, and a very pleasant game experience." - 5/5

Give Your Brain And Fingers A Workout With Woozzle by appadvice
"Woozzle is the perfect game for the intelligent gamer who likes a good challenge and wants a lot of bang for their buck."

Woozzle Review by 148Apps
"Don’t expect an easy title or one dependent on luck, this is an intelligent puzzle game well worth your attention." - 4/5

iOS Game of the Day: Woozzle by GAMEPRO
"If you’re after a laid-back puzzler, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than Woozzle. It’s beautiful and challenging." - 4/5

"If you’re an action puzzle fan, or generally appreciate the wider puzzle genre, Woozzle is as close to a must-have title as it gets." - 4/5

Woozzle: Marbles and jungle tracks for a fast-paced puzzle game by appfreak
"Woozzle works as a fast-paced puzzle game with the right amount of difficulty and innovations added in every level to keep you interested."

Woozzle by Appspy
"The game does a great job of reviving and updating a 20 year old title in a way that's compelling for modern audiences. A great pickup for fans of logic puzzle titles.." - 4/5

Experience the HD puzzle fun with Woozzle : iPhone App review by iPhoneFootPrint
"Woozzle has a really fantastic UI with a fresh and green forest theme giving you a feel of the game." - 4/5

If I Had a Woozzle I’d Woozzle All Across This Land by The iPhone App review
"Mugeaters offers one of the best marble-based gaming experiences to ever hit the iPhone." - 5/5

Woozzle Ultra Addictive Puzzler for iPhone 4 by Touch Reviews
"This game is masterfully put together to bring a steady dose of fresh techniques and puzzles coming at you at all times." - 4/5

Woozzle (iPhone & iPod) by AppVader
"With its 60 levels of crisp graphics, smooth sounds and excellent gameplay, it will make the ideal weekend app." - 5/5

Woozzle Review by FindMySoft
"Woozzle is an incredibly amusing game and a definite must for anyone who likes puzzle games. It’s challenging for the brain, it’s a pleasure for the eyes, it’s an awesome package of gaming goodness." - 5/5

Woozzle – You Cannot Leave Away From This Puzzle Game by WhatsmyApp
"Woozzle developed by Mugeaters is just a simple, but well made gaming app that can surely kill your time."

Woozzle iPhone App Review by iPhone Life
"If you are a game lover especially puzzle games, then this app is a much recommended one to kill your time."